2 Days. 1 Cause. Join us for a Hurricane Harvey Relief Charity Auction


Just like you, we have been watching the 24-7 news coverage of the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. Many of us have friends and family who have been affected by the flooding and destruction left behind. Houston and the Texas coast will be drying out from this storm for  a long time coming, and so many people have lost everything! Most of us cannot leave our families to get our hands and feet dirty helping our Texan friends clean up, but we can pick up our craft and try to raise some funds to help out our brothers & sisters.

We are foregoing our standard weekly auction on September 5-6 and hosting a fundraiser to help in the recovery efforts following this storm. Zelie & Co, along with the ladies of our affiliate group, Zelie & Co Creates, will be donating all profits from the sale of their items to Adore Ministries, a grassroots lay-missionary organization with disaster recovery experience post-Hurricane Katrina. They are already in the neighborhoods helping with rescue and relocation.

Come join us! You can find us on Instagram at @zelieandco. You’ll have the chance to bid on beautiful art from Catholic women makers’ AND support flood victims. You can even get a group together to pool money to bid extra generously on a special item! So, here are the deets again:

When: Tuesday – Wednesday, September 5 & 6

Where: @zelieandco on Instagram

What: Charity Benefit Auction with beautiful handmade goods to benefit Texas

Who: YOU (and a hundred of your closest friends?)

See you there!
Zelie & Co


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