Rakstar Designs

Rakhi Photo for Zelie

Rakhi is a convert both to the Catholic faith and to the world of art. With a background in political science, education, and ministry, she has just recently ventured into the creative passions that have been lurking under the surface since she first held a paintbrush and soaked in her dad’s love of photography. She lives in Michigan with her husband and growing brood, and works part-time outside the home.

Rakstar Designs is Rakhi’s creative studio, her outlet to share the light and love that can become overshadowed by the complexities of life. Through photography, painting, lettering, and digital design, Rakhi hopes that her work will kindle the spark of the divine that lies in your soul.

You can visit her shop on Etsy and follow her on Instagram or Facebook for special updates and discount codes! She also blogs sporadically at The Pitter Patter Diaries.

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